Last night , Gazala Shellhole , inducted some fine members into the MOTH Order. The induction, carried out by Old Bill Andrew Williams, saw Moths Douglas Winning , Simon Mcllewaine , and Adrian Devilliers. From the Old Bill and all the members we congratulate them , and wish them all the best. from Gazala Shellhole […]

Contact Us

Anyone wishing to contact the Old Bill can text or call me on (+44) 07493642078. The phone is not continually monitored but I will respond as soon as I can. from Gazala Shellhole London UK Memorable Order of Tin Hats – MOTHS

100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme

Tomorrow is the 100th Anniversary of the start of First World War Battle of the Somme. Let us remember the 55000 casualties on the first day of which 20000 were dead. Whole villages in the UK had their men folk wiped out. The Battle lasted +/- 140 days and cost 1.3 million casualties on both […]

The Somme

There have been a lot of posts about The Somme Centenary which are great but let us not forget that this battle was not just one day but went on for months (till September). Let us remember those men who may have survived earlier attacks only to go into action again and maybe not survive. […]

John Rochester

The Old Bill, and members of Gazala Shellhole, would like to wish John Rochester, a very happy birthday. from Gazala Shellhole London UK Memorable Order of Tin Hats – MOTHS via IFTTT

Commonwealth Gates Commemoration

Today a contingent of South Africans attended the Commonwealth Gates Commemoration. We were 4 MOTHs and we joined the three South African Legion Members to remember all those who died in the service of the Commonwealth and the British Empire as it was. This is what it is all about; veterans standing together and honouring […]

Those Lost at Sea

The Gazala Shellhole will be holding an event to commemorate Those Lost at Sea on Saturday 20th February 2016 @10h00. It will be held at the Merchant Navy Memorial, Tower Hill, London. We would welcome any visitors or like minded people who would like to join us. from Gazala Shellhole London UK Memorable Order of […]

Join Us

2016 has finally arrived and we look forward to a successful year ahead. Our Shellhole is growing slowly but steadily and we invite any interested parties to come and attend a meeting (usually the first Monday of every month although these are subject to alteration) and see if it’s something for you. Any questions, please […]

Good Work

The Gazala Shellhole’s meeting on Monday the 30th of November, marks our last official meeting, since the our first shellhole meeting in July, we have managed to made donations to a number of charities , including the RBL, and we will ensure we carry on this good work going into 2016. from Gazala Shellhole London […]