Ebbehout one misty night…

  The radar station that I was posted at was set high up on a mountain, 2000 metres above the ground. It was divided into 2 main areas; the accommodation and mess area which was lower down and the actual radar station itself, right at the top. The top area was also divided into 2 […]

Gazala Shellhole Committee

Gazala Shellhole Committee Old Bill – Andrew Wiliams Vice Old Bill – Chris Mulder Sergeant Major – Neil Purdon   from Gazala Shellhole London UK Memorable Order of Tin Hats – MOTHS

Thank You

The Old Bill and members of Gazala Shellhole would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support and well wishes that we received from other Shellholes, fellow Moths and members of other veteran groups and friends. We look forward to meeting in True Comradeship, and to work at helping veterans in need, and at all […]