Timeline PhotosThere's a prehistoric touch to this week's centenary Fragment - 'The Billiosaurus.' Something very familiar about that face! Another great drawing from Bruce Bairnsfather, first published in The Bystander 100 years ago today, on 18 Feb 1920. Brilliant! ...

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28 December 1944

South African tankmen, probably of the South African 6th Armoured Division, with M4Al Sherman tank on a hilltop; shells are being loaded in through turret.
Fifth Army, Near Monzuno Area in Italy.

"These South African tankmen fight for the first time in snow country, in the rugged Apennines. Against the snow-clad mountains this tank is made ready for firing."

Photo by Schmidt. 3131 Signal Service Co.

(Colourised by Royston Leonard)

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Two amputee soldiers in the 'Hospital Blue' uniform at the 4th London General Hospital (King's College Hospital in London) 1918.

The Hospital Blues uniform was worn by those patients who could get out of bed. They were a flannel type material of a blue hue with a single breasted suit and trousers. Each had a white lining. The tie would have been red and the shirt white. Regimental caps were worn and medals were displayed on the left breast. Those with missing limbs would have had their arms and trouser legs of the missing limbs carefully folded up and pinned back. Those lucky enough to still have feet, wore either both boots, highly polished or just a sad lonely one.

During the First World War, a large part of King's College hospital was requisitioned by the War Office to create the 4th London General Hospital, a facility for the Royal Army Medical Corps to treat military casualties.

(Photo source - © IWM Q 27815)
Lewis, George P. (Photographer)

(Colour by Doug)

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